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How to turn your business into an online course that you can sell
Three steps to transform your business online

In these unprecedented times of Corona virus and global shutdowns, most of us need to change the way we do business to survive, let alone thrive.

In our new self isolated world many businesses are turning towards creating their own online video courses, to deliver virtual training, because it can be automated to run 24/7 to a global audience and provide a regular passive income stream.

The good news is that most businesses already have the core ingredients required to create an online video course - but they just need a little help to get started.

At All Angles Video - we have a 3 step process to help you pivot your business into an online course that you can sell:

1. Content Planning

In Stage 1 - we look at your angle - your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It’s probably the reason you went into business in the first place and most certainly the reason why your business has been successful.

What is the problem that you solve for your customers and why do they come to you for the solution? We then need to turn some parts of your business knowledge and skillset into a series of topics that you can present and train.

This is going to be the core basis behind the structure of any online courses that you are now going to sell.

2. Video Production

In Stage 2 - we will help you with the creation of all the video content for your course. This may include either;

(a) Providing creative and technical guidance via Zoom meetings on the best ways to present to camera in order to film the video content yourself on your own camera equipment or phone.

(b) Sending a videographer with all the professional lighting and sound equipment to your office or home.

We also ensure that all the edited videos are engaging and on brand to include your logo, corporate colour scheme, royalty free music, animated titles, graphics, transitions and special effects.

3. Distribution & Marketing

In Stage 3 - we can help you to set up the modules of your video course in an easy to use and editable online format. You may also want to offer quizzes, course completion certificates or other relevant options and downloads.

We will also share with you a range of marketing ideas and strategies on how to promote your online video course and grow your subscription database.

Imagine how much better your lifestyle can be if you can turn your business into an online course - that you can sell!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started today!
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